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To Bee or Not to Bee

Here’s a story about creation and humankind cooperating to produce one of life’s great gifts, honey. Instead of a long read, which we like to point to from time to time, this is a long watch, a 20-minute video: Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper.

If you don’t have time for that video, take a look at these striking still shots of beekeeping on the other side of the planet, in Nepal.

Talking with the Brain Dead

Can We Communicate with People in Vegetative States? That’s the question this article seeks to answer. Or better, seems to answer. And the answer is, well, yes.

Greatest Double Agent in History

Juan Pujol Garcia was so good he received commendations from both King George VI and Adolph Hitler. But he hated Hitler and all he stood for. This is a profile in courage and deception for the greater good.

The Good News of . . . Predestination?

For centuries the doctrine of predestination has been considered bad news, at least by non-Calvinists.

As traditionally conceived, it seems to make God into an arbitrary despot. Along comes Karl Barth, who mined that doctrine—and its close cousin, election—and found nothing but good news. One does not have to accept Barth’s views on this matter to appreciate how he waxes eloquent about God’s good intentions for his people. Like this:

To pronounce the name of Jesus Christ means to acknowledge that we are cared for, that we are not lost. Jesus Christ is man’s salvation in all circumstances and in face of all that darkens his life, including the evil that proceeds from himself.

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