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Desktop Tourism

One of the seven wonders of the world can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your desktop. Check out the Google maps photo tour of the great pyramids. To gather the images, Google had team members wear "Trekkers" instead of backpacks during hikes. After ten days, Google compiled the images into panoramas.

We don’t know which is more amazing: the pyramids or the fact that we can view them like this.

How Do Flocks of Birds Stick Together?

It is a wondrous thing to behold, from the leisurely flight of geese to the mad, darting movement of starlings. If you haven’t the time to read this article in full, do look at the pictures.

When Cars Drive in the Cloud

It has been said that the Internet connects people like never before. Apparently it will likewise connect cars.

Unconditional Means Unconditional

As we close this edition, we listen in on a conversation that took place in prison, when an inmate finally got what it means to be a Christian—and the man ministering to him did as well.

—The Editors

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