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Miracle on Aisle Six

In the realm of everyday wonder, check out “The Modern Supermarket Is a Miracle.” We’d have to agree. Yes, yes: lots of waste, too many choices, excess everywhere, too much temptation to indulge just for the sake of indulgence. And yet, it is still an amazing product of capitalism, technology, and human ingenuity.

Nature’s Thermometer

If you find yourself in a place where crickets dwell, and you happen to wonder what the temperature is, close your eyes and listen. And count. Apparently, the rate of chirps by crickets is an indicator of the ambient temperature.

‘Why Me, God?’

There is wonder and gratitude to be found even in suffering. So argues Peter Chin in a recent blog post: “As we give thanks, we inevitably come to the realization that we are undeservedly, richly, and bewilderingly blessed.”

‘Emerald Dynamite’

Stars aren’t the only things that make the night sky wondrous (we’re assuming you’ve read “Light Touching the Back of My Eyes”). So do electrons in the heavens. When charged particles from the sun strike atoms in Earth’s atmosphere, they cause electrons in the atoms to move to a higher-energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, they release a photon: light. This process creates the beautiful aurora, or northern lights. Here are some amazing photographs of the Aurora Borealis taken in Norway recently.

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