Editors’ Note

Issue 21: Redeeming the Law, whale migration, cell sacrifice, and farsightedness.

In this issue, we explore a few “laws” of creation: how whales follow a steady pattern to migrate incredible distances every year, and how cells are programmed to self-destruct for the sake of a larger organism called the body. We marvel at these sorts of predictable patterns in nature, as well we should.

We don’t always marvel at the spiritual and moral laws that our Creator has also built into his creation. My opening essay attempts to help us do just that. I’ve become known for extolling grace, but here I sing hosannas about God’s law.

Our poem explores the multiple dimensions of farsightedness. And one of my favorite features on Wonder on the Web points you to animals that come in unusual colors.

Enjoy another issue!

—Mark Galli, co-editor

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Also in this Issue

Issue 21 / April 30, 2015
  1. I Fought the Law

    Now I think it’s time to rehabilitate its unsavory reputation. /

  2. The Largest Beast’s Long Migration

    Blue whales shock us with their size. But their efficiency and endurance are greater still. /

  3. Greater Love Has No Cell

    The biblical allegory written into our bodies. /

  4. Presbyopia

    ‘By some miracle, she felt a lifting / lost the tyranny and weight of near things’ /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff /

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