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See and Hear Reconciliation

Twenty years after Rwanda’s genocide, healing is still a work in progress. Photographer Pieter Hugo traveled there to photograph unlikely pairs: the perpetrators and victims of violent crimes, who, through a Catholic non-profit, have reconciled. Dominique Ndahimana describes the power of his victim’s forgiveness: “I had lost my humanity because of the crime I committed, but now I am like any human ...

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Issue 21 / April 30, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note

    Issue 21: Redeeming the Law, whale migration, cell sacrifice, and farsightedness.

  2. I Fought the Law

    Now I think it’s time to rehabilitate its unsavory reputation. /

  3. The Largest Beast’s Long Migration

    Blue whales shock us with their size. But their efficiency and endurance are greater still. /

  4. Greater Love Has No Cell

    The biblical allegory written into our bodies. /

  5. Presbyopia

    ‘By some miracle, she felt a lifting / lost the tyranny and weight of near things’ /

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