Pluto’s Heart

‘This cloud-tattooed heart / So carelessly worn / Orbits everything’ /

Would you believe
There is a half-broken heart
Perched on the sleeve
Of the most frigid planet?
This cloud-tattooed heart,
So carelessly worn,
Orbits everything:
Comets, planets,
Enemies, friends.
This heart on ice
Beats a steady trajectory,
Silent and constant
As the brackish blood
That percolates through
Your thin-walled veins
As it climbs back to
Your very own
Cloud-tattooed heart.

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Issue 28 / August 6, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note

    Issue 28: Meeting an octopus, Wikipedia’s world, discoveries and poetry on Pluto.

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    Facts we learned—and stuff people are wondering about—from the exploration mission so far. /

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