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From Garbage to Glory

The cave churches of Cairo offer sanctuary in the midst of squalor. /

The Pyramids of Giza used to be in the middle of the desert. Eventually Cairo’s urban sprawl pushed right up to the Sphinx. The Citadel of Saladin towers over the city. The southern approach requires an overpass straddling the City of the Dead. In Tahrir Square, the Egyptian Museum and its famed mummies were overrun with the bedlam of a revolution.

Tourism has dropped dramatically since then, but intrepid travelers can hardly help notice the encroachment of squalor on the glories of antiquity.

What most miss is the reversal: A glory rising out of the garbage. To create it, 40 years ago one man had to literally trudge through a pigsty. Today it is simpler to reach the massive cave church complex in the Muqattam Mountains on the eastern edge of Cairo. But the journey still requires a pungent assault on the senses.

Women and children pick through 15,000 tons of the city’s collected refuse, sorting out recyclable waste from the biodegradables useful for wandering livestock. Men haul burlap trash bags twice their size into garbage trucks poised to tip from overfill. Crude tattoos of St. George or a crucified Jesus adorn the arms of many a teenager. Pictures of Pope Shenouda and the Virgin Mary hang from open stalls filled with plastic bottles or corrugated cardboard.

This is the community of the Zabaleen, Garbage City, known officially as Manshiat Nasser. In 1969, the governor of Cairo created the slum by relocating the mostly Coptic Christian trash pickers to the base of the mountain, where they could keep their pigs in peace. The half-mile ascent is traversable by car, but the narrow street is made treacherous by potholes and the tight squeeze of donkey carts.

But arrival provides ample reward. At the top of the hill ...

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