Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Subscribe?

You can subscribe to Christianity Today and get access to Behemoth archives through this website, here.

What Is The Behemoth?

The Behemoth was a small digital magazine about a big God and his big world. It aimed to help people behold the glory of God all around them, in the worlds of science, history, theology, medicine, sociology, Bible, and personal narrative.

We learned stuff. We explained stuff. But we're all overwhelmed with information already, so our aim wasn't to make you smarter or to simply stave off another five minutes of boredom. We wanted to marvel and ponder. Now we’re trying to take what we learned to Christianity Today.

How Much Does It Cost?

It comes free as a part of a subscription to Christianity Today. You can subscribe for only $39 per year for full access to Christianity Today and the complete archives of The Behemoth.

Want to give above and beyond? Tax deductible donations can be given here. Please mention The Behemoth in the comments.

Can I Share Locked Articles?

As a subscriber, you can unlock any article on this site via the special share buttons included on the page. The share buttons on this site will create a special "unlock URL" that you can use to post to social networks, reference in a blog post, or email directly to a friend.

I Don't Have an iPad. Can I Still Access The Behemoth?

As a subscriber to Christianity Today, you can use any device to access The Behemoth content through our website, where it's available either in article or PDF format. The site has been designed to look good and read well whether you want to read it on your desktop computer, Android tablet, iPad, smartphone, etc.