“When Helping Hurts” paints an accurate picture of the negative impacts of many western organizations trying to help those in third world nations or even those struggling in their own backyard. Corbett and Fikkert’s work is so well crafted that many organizations and even universities have made this required reading for anyone working with those in poverty.

Anyone reading this book will know what not to do and even some tips of what can bring about life and hope instead of hurt.

I have been blessed to work with children and families in poverty around the globe for the past two decades, and I have heard story after story that confirms the premise of this book. This breaks my heart even though there is a slowly increasing number of organizations that truly seek to empower people instead of treating them like a charity case.

But what happens when these life-giving principles of lifting up people are put into practice? Does it really make a difference? Yes! A thousand times, yes! This video is evidence of this truth. The young men (ages 16-25) from Rwanda in this video attended a training where they were equipped and encouraged to transform their community. They witnessed other local people doing the work, and they wanted to contribute in their own unique way.

This music video and song were written, created, and produced all by these young men. You could say the song and video have gone viral in Rwanda: it has been played on the radio and the major television station, inspiring similar videos in Ghana and India. Many kids know the words, even though they have never heard of our organization. We estimate that it has been heard by well over a million people in Rwanda and other nations, with countless other examples since this was created. What tangible evidence of the impact of empowerment. Plus, this video is just fun. I dare you to try not to smile or tap your toes while watching.

David Snyder is the Executive Director of Sustainable Medical Missions where he has worked alongside of local medical and church leaders from 21 different nations through Africa and Asia who have sought to eradicate diseases and share about a God who loves them both now and in eternity. David is a graduate of Wheaton College where he received his MA in Clinical Psychology. David has served in counseling and community development roles throughout the US and internationally for the past 20 years.