A Look at the Prophets

A Look at the Prophets

We can learn a great deal from these ancient men of God.
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"They all sound alike"-who hasn't had the same thought about the Books of the Prophets? Philip Yancey is no exception. For years he avoided reading the Prophets. But when an assignment required him to open that dreaded section of his Bible, he discovered some surprisingly relevant food for thought. Can the Old Testament prophets teach us something new as well?

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Jeremiah 20:7-9, 14-18; Ezekiel 2:3-6; 3:1-9; Amos 7:14-15; Habakkuk 2:6-11; and James 5:10-11.


• The Issue

Sample questions:

In what ways is the world of the Old Testament prophets similar to our world today?

In what ways had God tried to communicate with Israel before the prophets?

• The Scriptures

Sample Scriptures:

Deuteronomy 7:6-8: Why did he give Israel a second chance (and a third and a fourth . . .)?

Amos 8: What moral perspective on man's deeds did Amos give?

• The Application

Sample application questions:

What have you learned about God today as you read verses from the Prophets?

In what ways might studying the Books of the Prophets enhance your spiritual growth?


The Bible's 'Fusty Old Men', by Philip Yancey (CHRISTIANITY TODAY, November 1987, 9 printed pages).

Total number of pages - 15

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