Best-Selling Bible Studies of 2004

What caught your interest.

What caught readers' attention at over the first six months of 2004? We've compiled a list of the most popular Bible studies below.

Interestingly, media and pop culture figured prominently. Christians thirst to know what the Bible says about important issues of our time.

One of the highest-grossing films ever

The Passion of The Christ showed Christ's suffering like no other film. Churches rented out theaters for screenings, and the news media covered the film extensively. And Christians downloaded three Passion-related studies from

Filming the Faith discusses whether Christians can trust Hollywood with the cross of our Lord. This question becomes even more relevant with the financial success of the film and the eyes of the entertainment industry being opened to topics of faith.

How Much Blood? gives you a guide to discuss the suffering and violence portrayed in the movie and whether it is appropriate.

The Passion: Is It Anti-Semitic? responds to whether the film's recounting of the Crucifixion incites hatred toward Jews.

One of the best-selling books ever

The Da Vinci Code has more than eight million copies in print and is still sitting on best-seller lists. Why is it so intriguing? It's a good story, but its spurious claims about Christ and Christian history sent Christians to resources that help them understand the truth and respond to friends and family who are taking the fictional novel as fact:

Engaging The Da Vinci Code focuses on how we should respond to pop culture that contradicts biblical teaching.

The Da Vinci Code and Other Heresies looks at common heresies in our society today and the widespread appeal of exclusive religious knowledge.

Gay marriage

As states include gay-marriage proposals on November ballots, and Congress scuffles over a Federal Marriage Amendment, offered four Bible studies:

The Case Against Gay Marriage looks at the cultural debate about whether marriage should encompass same-sex couples.

Does the Bible Prohibit Gay Marriage? is a response to scholars who argue that the Bible's verses on homosexuality do not prohibit gay marriage.

A Marriage Revolution distinguishes Christian marriages from secular marriages and provides help for restoring the sanctity of heterosexual marriage in our society.

Sex as God Designed It helps the church with its vital responsibility to understand and teach a godly approach to sex.

Other top downloads

Discussion Guide for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy leads you and your group through the spiritual themes of the trilogy: the struggle for virtue, the temptations of power, the providence of God, and the ennobling power of story.

Full of Grace and Sin is a reminder that conversion to Christ doesn't leave your life spotless from sin. The Bible study helps you grapple with what sin is and how to recognize it.

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