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In 2004, individuals, small groups and Sunday school classes continued to learn and apply God's word with the help of This unique site added many new types of Bible studies in the last year, including Movie Discussion Guides and Devotions from Christian Musicians.

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Here, in reverse countdown order, are the Bible studies that were downloaded most in 2004:

10. Our Merciful Judge—Knowing God Course
Through this six-part course, you'll focus on six sections of the Bible that offer fresh glimpses of how God works and that helps you see that even when your experiences are severe, God is worthy of your trust.

9. A Marriage Revolution—Current Issues Bible Study
Download this Bible study to learn more about what distinguishes Christian marriages from secular marriages and how we can restore the sanctity of marriage in our society.

8. Why God Gave You Gifts—Current Issues Bible Study
The subject of spiritual gifts can generate considerable confusion and even conflict. This study helps with questions like What happens when people do not know or use their gifts? and How do you know you're using your spiritual gift?

7. Sex and the Christian Couple—Current Issues Bible Study
Using Marriage Partnership's article "Christian Sex Rules," this study examines issues many Christians wonder about but seldom discuss regarding sex within marriage.

6. Sex As God Designed It—Current Issues Bible Study
With an article from Philip Yancey, this study helps believers rediscover the elements of sacredness in a healthy sexual life. And you'll discuss how the church can spread the good news about sex to the secular culture.

5. The Da Vinci Code and Other Heresies—Current Issues Bible Study
What is the obsession with secret knowledge about God (like the alleged marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene in The Da Vinci Code)? You and your group learn about today's common heresies—and how to respond—with this study.

4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy—Movie Bible Study
Download this study to lead your discussion on the spiritual themes of the trilogy: the struggle for virtue, the temptations of power, the providence of God, and the ennobling power of story.

3. How Much Blood?—Current Issues Bible Study
In The Passion of The Christ, did Mel Gibson go too far in portraying the violence of Jesus' crucifixion? Or is this type of portrayal important to our faith and evangelism? These are some of the questions you'll wrestle with in this study.

2. Engaging The Da Vinci Code—Current Issues Bible Study
How should Christians respond to pop culture that contradicts biblical teaching, like the recent best-selling book, The Da Vinci Code? This study examines how we should live as Christians in the world around us.

1. Filming the Faith—Current Issues Bible Study
The Passion of The Christ was a phenomenon in 2004. With this study, you'll be guided through the issues surrounding the film and learn more about what happens when Christianity is portrayed in Hollywood.

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