More Than Just a Bible Study

Allow God's Word to transform lives as you study together.
More Than Just a Bible Study
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Cindy was in the Bible study I led for three years. She always answered the questions and participated in the discussion. She accumulated a lot of knowledge, but her life never changed. She lived a defeatist life, looking to unhealthy relationships with men to meet her longings, never finding anything worth living for.

I have puzzled a lot over people like Cindy. I've met quite a few over the years. It seems that some people never move beyond head knowledge to heart knowledge. There are numerous reasons for this. I'd like to identify three.

Studying the Bible to accumulate knowledge

Those who can rattle off chapter and verse but never become more like Christ may not truly believe that the God of the universe is addressing them personally. They see the Bible as an ancient document that has interesting and wise information, but they never consider that they are to apply it to their lives. This kind of person comes to the Scriptures with an analytical eye rather than by humbly asking God to transform their lives. They may take pride in mastering the text, but they don't know how to let the text master them. They want to study Jesus, but they don't really want to know him.

Coming to the Bible with arrogance

The person who is not transformed by the Word of God may come to it to prove his or her point. This person may have decided what they think or want the Bible to teach. They may have been taught such ideas as a child, been drawn to the Bible because it preserves the lifestyle they want, or because it gives them power in certain choices. This person doesn't come to the Word of God to let it transform them. Instead they use the Bible as a proof text and to gain ammunition for the battles of life. Yes, we are to fight Satan and his minions, but unless we are letting God shake the core of our lives, we won't be able to recognize the true enemy.

Reading the Bible through our baggage

My friend Cindy's biggest problem was that she really couldn't believe that God would bring her happiness. Because she'd already decided God was a killjoy, she didn't trust him with her life. Therefore, she came to Bible study because she wanted friendship, not because she wanted to be transformed by God. In her mind, it was all up to her. She always thought she'd find the perfect human relationship that would meet all her needs. Until she truly believed that God was her only hope for joy and fulfillment, she would never be able to believe a word he said.

So how can we help those in our Bible studies move beyond these problems? First we have to make sure we are not stuck in one of these modes. If we are, we will never be able to help others move beyond them. For those of us who have been in the church a long time, it's easy to fall into one of these patterns, especially accumulating knowledge and coming to the Bible with arrogance. Or perhaps we have become a Bible study leader because it meets our need for fellowship or power. Therefore we need to begin by checking our own motives.

To move those in our studies beyond these obstacles, we have to present the Word of God as the living, active thing it is. We have to help those under us savor the Word of God as a precious morsel and allow it to ask questions of us, rather than simply asking questions of it. When we read the story of the rich, young man who Jesus tells to sell all his possessions and follow him, we shouldn't make up an analytical interpretation to explain this away. We should listen to Jesus' words as if they are directed to us and consider what that means for our lives. Or if we adamantly believe in man's free will and then come across a passage such as Romans 9 that says God chooses whom he will, we need to let that challenge us rather than fall back on our carefully laid theological systems. In other words, we have to avoid making God in our own image and let him make us in his.

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