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Reaching the Disconnected Male
Looking back, Larry Kay says his life was "full of confusion, full of lust and pain, and almost completely void of God."

"It impacted everything—business relations, my marriage, my friends," says the 45-year-old Georgia resident who used to work 60-to-80 hours a week.

"We had been attending church for several years but we were in the balcony, sneaking in and out, ...

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God's Word for 'Up and Outers'
Dallas businessman Garry Kinder's Bent Tree Bible Study isn't a church, but it's no social club either.

"Let me get this straight," said a confused Garry Kinder to the Bent Tree Country Club manager. "You want me to teach the Bible study … in a bar?"

The manager had explained that the ballroom, which Garry had requested, was in use every Sunday morning. ...

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Hide It in Your Heart
Five ways to keep the Bible in mind.

For church kids, learning Bible verses is easy. Almost every children's program stresses its importance. Kids play games, listen to Bible stories, and sing songs-basically having a grand time while learning God's Word.

Yet adults need to know the Bible ...

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Best-Selling Bible Studies of 2004
What caught your interest.

What caught readers' attention at over the first six months of 2004? We've compiled a list of the most popular Bible studies below.

Interestingly, media and pop culture figured prominently. Christians thirst to know what the ...

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How to Study the Bible
How to Study the Bible
A congregational tool.

The goal of good Bible study is to learn what the Bible is saying and how it applies to your life.

"It is through applying the Word that God changes our lives."

"But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves." ...

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7 Ways to Ignite Passion for Reading the Bible
7 Ways to Ignite Passion for Reading the Bible
We need to get back to the Book.

In Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith, Kathleen Norris recounts the story of a South Dakota rancher and his bride who received an expensive Bible as a wedding gift from his grandfather. They wrote a thank-you note and stowed the Bible away on a closet ...

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