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When I became a Christian, I didn't know the first thing about the Bible. The person who introduced me to Christ told me that I would grow in my newfound faith through reading the Scriptures. I had a Bible from the Gideons, so I opened it to Genesis, since that was the beginning of the book, and began reading. I didn't understand the difference between the Old and New Testaments, so as I read of Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, I wondered when in the world I was going to get to Jesus, since he was the main one I was interested in.

Unfortunately, I gave up way before I got to the Book of Matthew, so I floundered in my Christian life for the next few years. Finally, someone invited me to a conference where I heard Stuart Briscoe speak, then the pastor of Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin. This great Bible teacher opened the Scriptures to me in a way I could understand. After that, I began to learn from many different teachers and began a love affair with God's Word that has never abated.

ChristianBibleStudies.com is launching a series of Bible courses by men and women who are great teachers and speakers. What a privilege to have these talented people gracing us with their wisdom and experience. Featured teachers in upcoming courses include:

  • John Ortberg. My first exposure to John Ortberg was years ago when I was on a spiritual retreat. The room I stayed in had a copy of Ortberg's book If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat. I read it through nonstop and felt that it was part of what God had for me in this week away. I was challenged by his examples of Peter, who was not able to see Christ work until he stepped out of the boat, onto the water. In our new five-session course by Ortberg, he helps us to understand God as we venture forward on our spiritual journey.
  • Jill Briscoe. Because I'm a pastor's wife, I have a special fondness for Jill Briscoe, who also filled that role for many years when her husband pastored Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin. Through her books, she helped me to see that women can have an impact on their world and provide leadership to others. Known for books such as A Little Pot of Oil, Prayer That Works, and God's Front Door, she will be teaching us what it means to love God with all our hearts.
  • Lee Strobel. A few years ago, I met Lee Strobel when he spoke at our church. It was a delight to meet someone who had written and taught so persuasively about Christ in his books A Case for Christ and A Case for Faith. A skeptic originally, Strobel writes convincingly to help those who have doubts move to faith in Christ. He will teach us the basics of what we need to know about Jesus Christ.
  • John Piper. Since my husband is a pastor, he looks for others to teach him the Bible in deep ways that will help him grow in his own spiritual life. He found that in John Piper's books Desiring God, Don't Waste Your Life, and Let the Nations Be Glad. Piper will teach us about the nature of God.
  • John Stott. This prolific writer, pastor, and teacher has written studies on almost every book of the New Testament. We are privileged to present a course by him on living the Christian life.
  • Joseph Stowell. A man who is now attending our church worked for over 30 years with Joseph Stowell at Moody Bible Institute. He claims that Stowell's actions match his words and that he lives the Christian life as well as he teaches it. He has written such books as The Trouble with Jesus, Eternity: Reclaiming a Passion for What Endures, and Radical Reliance. His study for us challenges us to live with passion for Christ.

Eventually we will be adding further courses by Bill Hybels, Jack Hayford, Gordon MacDonald, Jay Kesler, Stuart Briscoe, and Haddon Robinson. Look for these under the section "Great Bible Teachers" at ChristianBibleStudies.com.

I would have loved this series all those years ago when I was a novice at reading the Bible. But I still have tons to learn and am gleaning much through these courses. We invite you to download one today.

JoHannah Reardon is the managing editor of ChristianBibleStudies.com. She has written seven novels and two devotionals, and blogs at johannahreardon.com.

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