Path to a Miracle

Sometimes a leap of faith is one small step after another.
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And maybe, just maybe, Silvio and Adriana weren't the only ones on that journey. Sharing life and the gospel with them had stretched me in ways I had never expected and probably required more faith on my part than on theirs. Faith that God wouldn't leave me hanging in the middle of an awkward conversation, faith that he still answers prayers, and faith that he uses ordinary, normal, everyday means to bring his children home.

Today Silvio and Adriana still live in New Zealand, where they've achieved the better life they were searching for. Soon after professing faith, they were married. Silvio began and completed a degree in draftsmanship, and they started actively reaching out to the international community around them. A year ago, God blessed them with twin baby girls.

My husband and I have since returned home to the States, but we brought back with us some significant lessons. One of the most important being this: Sometimes a leap of faith just isn't. It's one small step after one small step. It's extending yourself just beyond where you are comfortable. It's reaching out to someone so different from you that friendship seems impossible. And it's believing that, through it all, God has a way of working miracles.

*Names have been changed.

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