8 Habits of Effective Small-Group Leaders

Practical tips to take your small group from good to great
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  1. The eight habits have broad application. One beautiful fact is that they are essentially the same habits that produce effectiveness for coaches of small-group leaders, directors, and small-group pastors. Once a leader incorporates them, he or she has the foundation for moving up the levels of small-group leadership.
  2. These habits are easy to understand and remember. I have seen small-group leaders' eyes light up as their mentors explain the eight habits to them. Leaders nod their head and say, "Yes. I see. That's simple enough. It's just common sense."
  3. These habits are doable. This is the best quality. Any leader can put them into practice, if he or she invests the time. When small-group leaders hear the habits explained, they nod, saying things like, "This is just what I have been looking for. Now I have a clear course to follow. I can do this."
  4. The eight habits are realistic. Most leaders can fit them into their busy schedules. It doesn't take a spiritual giant or someone with unlimited time to do them. These eight habits are attainable goals for all cell leaders.
  5. The eight habits are motivating. Upon learning them, leaders burn with passion to put them into practice. The eight habits are challenging, but not overwhelming.

8 Key Habits

The eight habits can take a small-group leader, and those under him or her, to a new level. Whether an apprentice leader, a novice small-group leader, a seasoned leader, a coach of group leaders, a director of a district of groups, or a pastor of a large small-group ministry, these eight habits will work and lead to fruitfulness and multiplication. You'll also experience greater fulfillment in your ministry.

The eight habits of effective small-group leaders are:

  1. Dream of leading a healthy, growing, multiplying group.
  2. Pray for group members daily.
  3. Invite new people to visit the group weekly.
  4. Contact group members regularly.
  5. Prepare for the group meeting.
  6. Mentor an apprentice leader.
  7. Plan group fellowship activities.
  8. Be committed to personal growth.

To learn more about these eight habits, see the book 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders, Dave Earley, Cell Group Resources, a division of TOUCH® Outreach Ministries, http://www.touchusa.org. Used with permission.

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