Remembering God's help yesterday helps us to trust him for today and tomorrow.
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In the form of a cross, your Ebenezer stands as a constant reminder that God has given you the victory of all victories! Through Jesus Christ, he has made you victorious over the eternal effects of sin, winning for you the promise of eternal life with him. His cross—his stone of help for you—assures you that just as sins of the past have been forgiven completely, so sins of today and tomorrow will be forgiven in the same way.

Begin setting up your personal Ebenezer stone, and in your mind, write the record of your spiritual history. By naming specific people and recalling certain events of your life, you will see God's hand at work and recognize his compassionate love that has brought you through to this day.


  • when loving adults sheltered, nurtured, protected, and taught you as you were growing up. Who were they?
  • when devastating circumstances shattered your world, and you learned first-hand of people's compassion and generosity. What happened?
  • when a hard-earned lesson left you older and wiser, with the experience you need to sympathize with and guide others. Who have you been able to help?
  • when serious health problems brought you to a heightened appreciation of life. How has your outlook changed for the better?
  • when the loss of a loved one made you realize how important friends and family are to you. What have you said and done to show them how much they mean?
  • when your hopes were dashed, but a new and better opportunity presented itself. Which door closed, and which door opened?
  • when times were tough, but you survived them. How has this given you perspective on the ups and downs of life?
  • when you were in danger, but found a way out. Where was God in this?
  • when you found yourself on the wrong spiritual path, but someone guided you back to the way God would have you go. What did you learn?
  • when you repented, and God brought his peace to your mind and heart. How did this draw you closer to God?

Your Ebenezer, your historical record, is your present-day monument to all God has done for you in the past. Your memories reveal his presence, even if you didn't realize it at the time. They highlight his hand in so much of what may have looked like a coincidence or "happy accident." Let these things remind you! Let these memories free you to rely on him today and through every tomorrow. Just as God has been with you in the past, he will remain with you to help you, strengthen you, and bless you now and in the future.

Remember and give thanks, for God has brought you to this day!

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