The Secret of Walking with God

From the beginning, God has wanted a walking partner.
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God wants to walk with us before he works through us. So he will wait to act until he finds the right man or woman through whom he can work. To put it bluntly, God works with his friends. When God has a friend, divine activity accelerates. When God has a useful vessel that has been prepared for noble purposes, he will use that vessel. To illustrate, if you put a riding lawn mower in my garage, I promise you this—I will use it! Similarly, God will use the one who walks with him. But he's looking especially for three crucial qualities: humility, faithfulness, and loyalty. He wants to work with friends who are loyal to him, no matter what. Even when circumstances would suggest God is unjust, his true friends continue to walk with him. So the Lord will test our fidelity. When we prove ourselves his friends through the greatest calamities of life, we qualify as useful vessels.

Jesus was the quintessential example of a man who walked with God, he walked so closely with God that he was always in the Spirit, even when shaking himself awake from a groggy sleep. When I first wake up, I'm sometimes grumpy or dopey. But when they awakened Jesus out of a deep sleep, he silenced the storm! What an amazing attainment, to be awakened out of a dead sleep and be instantly in the Spirit.

The secret place is where we develop a walking relationship with God. We must develop a secret history with God before he gives us a public history before people. Hidden in the secret place, we learn what he's looking for in friends, and we find out what pleases him. Our inner chamber with him becomes our training ground for a life that is rooted and grounded in love.

Jesus told us that he confides his kingdom purposes to his friends (John 15:15). Lord, I want to be your friend, your confidant, loyal to the death. I want to walk with you, talk with you, listen to you, hear your heart, and participate in your activities in this momentous hour. Teach me. Lord, to walk with you!

Used by permission. Excerpted from Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge, 2001, Oasis House P.O. Box 127, Greenwood, Missouri 64034-0127

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