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Click the green titles to download each of the Top 10 Bible Studies of 2007. would like to officially welcome you to 2008! While we are certain that this will be an exciting year, we would like to take a moment to highlight some of our most downloaded single studies, courses, and movie guides from 2007. With an abundance of study materials and a newsletter that now reaches more than 120,000 people, we hope that your faith has been both affirmed and challenged this year. Below are resources that small groups, Sunday school classes, and people like you have downloaded most from in 2007. Blessings to you in the year ahead!

10. Where Do We Get Self-Worth?
Today's Christian Woman Study
In a culture that idolizes physical beauty and physique, the average person can easily fall prey to feelings of inferiority and worthlessness. Download this powerful study to help you focus on the inner beauty that God develops in his children, rather than the outward appearance seen by others.

9. Expectant Prayer
Current Issues Bible Study
Sometimes prayer can seem quiet, contained, and hollow. In this article, a skeptical professor receives a more powerful and challenging response to prayer then he had ever experienced before. This study asks: What should we expect when we pray? What should we pray about? What responsibilities remain on us?

8. How Should We Address God?
Current Issues Bible Study
A thing's name defines it, clarifies how we think of it, and helps us talk about it. But a name can be much more than mere definition. How do God's names reveal his character, identity, and the way we relate to him? Download this study to help you answer these questions.

7. Ortberg on Understanding God
Great Teachers of the Bible Course
This five-session course by pastor and author John Ortberg challenges us to partner with God in our spiritual growth by responding to the tests he sends, waiting on him patiently, and standing boldly for him. Refresh your walk of faith with this course.

6. Evan Almighty
Movie Discussion Guide
In this family-friendly comedy about a modern-day Noah, God tells U.S. Congressman Evan Baxter to build an ark in suburban America. Evan initially resists, but ultimately persists in obedience, no matter the consequences. Use this guide to discuss this sequel to 2003's Bruce Almighty.

5. The People of the Nativity
Study Through the Bible Course
This complete five-session course examines seemingly familiar characters such as Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, and the angels, as well as the genealogy of Jesus. Through these people, this study takes a look at themes such as the human condition, humility, and how to gain an eternal perspective.

4. Missional Evangelism
Current Issues Bible Study Course
This title implies that in our evangelism, we do more than simply throw the gospel at someone. Instead we look at our culture and are challenged to reach out to different cultures, ages, and those with broken lives. Our six-session course helps you see that all places are mission fields and that all Christians are missionaries.

3. The Gospels—How Not to Be a Pharisee
Study Through the Bible Course
Unfortunately, the tendency to see sin in others and ignore it in our own hearts is as common today as it was in Jesus' time. This six-session course looks at Jesus' interaction with first-century Jewish religious leaders called Pharisees and will help you learn to pursue God with an open heart.

2. Amazing Grace
Movie Discussion Guide
In 1797, there were 11 million African slaves. Most people found the practice acceptable, but not William Wilberforce. This movie discussion guide will enhance the experience of the movie, challenging us to ask: What does it mean to say that Christianity leads to both spiritual meditation and social action?

1. The Nativity Story
Movie Discussion Guide
The Nativity Story showcases the powerful story of Jesus' birth in a sweeping yet intimate film. This discussion guide will help you connect with the Nativity story by reflecting on the miraculous events of God's incarnation and the powerful models of faith for us today.

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