Top 10 Bible Studies of 2008

Top 10 Bible Studies of 2008

The Bible studies, courses, and movie discussion guides you dowloaded most in the past year—now 25% off..
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3. Use Your Spiritual Gifts
Bible Study Course
This five-session course on spiritual gifts looks at our predisposed talents and how these change when we give our lives to Jesus Christ. You'll learn to not only identify but engage your God-given gifts. This course includes a 108-question inventory (it doesn't take that long, trust us!) with easy-to-use scoring, helpful descriptions of each gift, and loads of Scripture references to help you determine your spiritual gifts.

2. Prince Caspian
Movie Discussion Guide
Grapple with some of the major themes of Prince Caspian with this movie discussion guide. How do we deal with jealousy and pride? What do grace and mercy look like, especially when we want revenge? And what does it mean to have the faith of a child? This study guide is available for adults, teens, and family—and be sure to take our interactive Narnia quiz, too!

1. Revisiting The Shack
Current Issues Bible Study
William Young's bestseller The Shack has riveted many readers even as his controversial characterization of the Trinity has concerned some theologians. Exploring the mysteries of God through the crucible of pain can lead to unexpected breakthroughs. But we must always be careful to test our thoughts by the standard of Scripture. This Bible study will help you and your small group tread soundly through The Shack.

Bonus! Editor's Pick

While this study didn't make the Top 10, Christian Bible Studies' managing editor JoHannah Reardon selected Learn from the Hymns as her pick for 2008. Here's why:

"The complexity and yet the clarity of theclassic hymns have a lot to teach us.This course will help you see the biblical basis for the lyrics of these six well-known hymns. Memorizing the wordsto suchhymnsis a simple, yet profound, way to learnessential doctrines ofthe Christian faith. Make it aNew Year's resolution tocommit these six hymns to memory, and find a friend to do it with you. This is a forgotten spiritual discipline that can enhance your walk with Christ."

Hollie Baker-Lutz is the marketing coordinator for

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