Top 3 Bible Studies on Addiction for Fall 2019

This fall’s top three list cover bible studies on addiction. Each curriculum gives you resources to lead a group study, but is also perfect as your own personal study.
Top 3 Bible Studies on Addiction for Fall 2019
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1. I Want to Change…So Help Me, God!

This four-session course will allow the words confess, repent, obey to become seared into our lives to bring about change.

4 Session Bible Study

"Many times what needs to change is something we have not been able to change. We're not talking about something like biting your fingernails or not being on time. In this series we're talking about big problems, the things that hold us back and drag us down: addictions, compulsions, persistent personal problems. These problems are often about overdoing something: overdrinking, overeating, overgambling, overspending, oversexing, overworking, overreacting, overworrying, overcriticizing, over-you-name-it! God has given us a way to change: confess, repent, obey. These studies will encourage us to let these three words become seared into our hearts and minds so they can bring about change."

2. Facing Addictions

Learn how to break the vicious cycle of addiction by understanding the roots and facing the tough questions.

4 Session Bible Study

Sometimes we're well-aware that we're addicted. Whether we sneak around porn sites, play the horses and lose big, stare at graphic television images, or raid the fridge until we're sick, we hate our actions. We feel shame, repent, make promises to God, and feel cleansed. Then we blow it. Other times we're not sure that a bad habit qualifies as an "addition" – nobody else seems to struggle with it, and we're not even sure it's a sin. Either way, these secret behaviors also seem needed, and we're not sure why. Facing addictions prompts many challenging questions: How do addictions start? Are there levels of addiction, some worse than others? How can this happen when Christians are supposed to be living in victory? Can we expect God to keep forgiving us time after time? What role does the Holy Spirit play? We'll discuss these questions in this course. Remember, a study about addictions brings us face to face with our sinful natures. The Bible is filled with examples of people who failed, yet these same human beings were used by a supernatural God to make a difference. This can happen in your life.

3. Attacking Pornography

Must a moral society tolerate the burgeoning market for perversion?

Single Session Bible Study

Pornography victimizes women, children, society, and those who use it. The rate of sex-related crime rises wherever porn is rampant. Yet the industry grows. Must Christians allow perversion to spread? Is pornography really protected by law? What can you do in your community to fight pornography? This study will seek answers to these questions.

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