Top 10 eBooks

Top 10 eBooks

These are the eBooks you have downloaded most.
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Our Bible studies and training materials were created for group use. As a result our pricing has been very reasonable for groups, but slightly higher for individuals. But now we are starting to put many of our resources into eBook format, so that you can download it to your e-reader, and we are pricing each of these at just $2.99.

So if you want to copy these to use in a Bible study or as training material, you will still want a PDF format. But if you want these materials for your own growth and encouragement, the eBooks are the most economical way to go.

If you are wondering which ones to try first, we've highlighted our most popular items here with a short synopsis.

10. The Uniqueness of Jesus

This Bible study and accompanying article looks at a popular idea in our pluralistic times that Jesus is no more special than Muhammad, Buddha, or any other religious leader. This runs counter to what Jesus said about himself: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). If we are going to believe Jesus, what difference does his uniqueness make for our faith?

9. Waiting on God

In this outstanding sermon collection, four of today's top preachers (Francis Chan, James MacDonald, John Ortberg, and Bill Hybels) join you as you wrestle with the joys and difficulties of prayer. Their words will encourage you that God is present—even if it doesn't feel like he's listening. Persistent prayer can be hard work, but there is purpose when we wait on God.

8. Why Do Bad Things Happen?

You may have asked this question many times. Most people do, and the truth is we may never know. If you are facing this haunting question, we hope that this eBook will help. Read how others have dealt with tragedy, loss, and suffering while placing their hope in God. When it comes to matters of the heart, staying true to the Father despite the struggle is what matters most.

7. Church Health Assessment Pack

What makes a healthy church? What is your church's vision and goals? What do you communicate to others? These are some questions all churches should ask to determine their health. Written by a variety of authors, including Larry Osborne, John Savage, and Don Cousins.

6. Why Should We Give?

We know we are supposed to give to the church. But when it comes down to it, Americans just aren't giving much compared with how much we have been given. Alarming new numbers show that the more we have, the less we give. But giving in the church is not just a financial problem—it is a spiritual concern. When planning our budgets, it is important to understand not only how we should give but also why. Use this Bible study and CT article to think about this matter.

5. The Gospel Defined

The gospel of moralistic therapeutic deism is running rampant in the church. In an interview with Mark Galli, theologian Michael Horton says we are tempted to live a Christless Christianity because we are human-centered rather than God-centered. The gospel is not a matter of doing the right things or trying harder. Horton says, "The gospel isn't 'Follow Jesus' example' or 'Transform your life' or 'How to raise good children.' The gospel is: Jesus Christ came to save sinners." This Bible study and article will help you think through this important issue.

4. Hope for the Hurting

This Bible study and CT article makes clear that there is no quick fix for depression. We can't just tell those suffering among us to snap out of it and expect the pain to go away. As the church, we must surround our brothers and sisters suffering from depression and combat the lies of distorted self-perception by affirming those truths most essential to an identity found in Christ.

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