Become an Encourager

Become an Encourager

Barnabas: courier of courage.
Single Session Bible Study


We've all had a few nicknames. Most we probably wouldn't own up to under oath, like Stinky, Pee Wee, Bird Legs, or Blockhead. A few, however, stick and sum up the man. The nickname Barnabas, for instance, means "Son of Encouragement." And that's exactly how this good, Spirit-filled, faithful man lived out his life. Although a seemingly behind-the-scenes character, Barnabas was on the frontlines instilling courage into the early Christians. This study will look at the leadership qualities found in a true encourager.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Acts 4–15


• A Man's World: Sample Questions

—Who has been your biggest encourager? How has that changed you?

• A Man's Word: Sample Questions

—What do Barnabas's actions tell you about his faith? About the God in which he believed?

• A Man's Work: Sample Questions

—Who models risky faith for you? What do you admire most about his or her faith? How could you live that quality out today?

Approximate time to complete: up to 45-60 minutes

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