Bill Hybels on the God You're Seeking

Bill Hybels on the God You're Seeking

Bill Hybels helps to bring you closer to the God who protects, listens, understands, and saves.
5 Session Bible Study

Bill Hybels, founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, is known for his relevant and insightful Bible-based teaching. In this five-session course, Hybels reveals essential truths about seemingly simple attributes of God. This course helps bring you closer to the God who protects, listens, understands, and saves.

Session One

A God to Protect You
God is a refuge for his children in times of danger and distress.
Psalm 91:1
Physical refuge relieves the frightened and spiritual refuge relieves the burdened. Hurting people need a refuge from their distress—they need the refuge of God.

Session Two

A God to Talk To
We are children of God, who always have access to him in prayer.
Luke 18:1–8
Some people are convinced that the greatest challenge associated with prayer is finding the lost key that will somehow unlock a vault of love, blessing, and power that God doesn't want us to open. That's not who God is.

Session Three

A God to Know
The gospel is simple to understand, but we must act on it to get to the other side.
John 14:1–21
God made sure that the essence of the Christian message was so straightforward and clearly spelled out that even a child could understand it. This study will review the central message of the Christian faith so that you will understand it. Whether you accept it and act on it is another, perhaps even bigger, question.

Session Four

A God to Keep You from Hell
Hell is a spiritual reality that can be countered only by the Cross of Christ.
Matthew 13:47–51
Do you really believe in a hell as well as a heaven? Or have you done your best not to think about it much? Most of us don't like thinking about hell; we don't like the fact that some of our loved ones are headed that way based on the decisions they're making every day. But you cannot read your Bible without being confronted by the fact that Jesus believed in a hell and warned us about it.

Session Five

A God to Live with in Heaven
We're so wrapped up in the present that we rarely think about eternity.
Ecclesiastes 3:11
God created men and women with the sense that life does not end at the grave. Mankind knows better than that. God has given mankind an instinct, a sixth sense if you will, that there is an afterlife.

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