With so many curriculum to choose from, how should I pick a Bible study for my group?

With hundreds of Bible study resources on the market, selecting a study can be a daunting task. Answer these questions to determine if a study guide is right for your group:

Is this study biblically based?

Is it consistent with the teachings of my church?

Will the study lead us into better understanding of what Scripture says, or are we likely to be "sharing our ignorance"?

Will this study build good Bible study habits that will make us better students of God's Word?

Is the depth appropriate for our group?

Am I willing and able to commit the preparation time required to lead this study?

How much advance preparation is required from group members, and is it realistic?

Is the subject engaging? Is it relevant to our lives?

Can the chapters be completed in a reasonable amount of time so that we can still pray and mingle?

How many lessons are there? What is the group's attention span—will we grow tired of the study before we complete it? What kind of cycle are we on—will we complete the study before our summer break?

Will I be encouraged to apply what I learn to personal growth and ministry?

Arrive at a group consensus before choosing a study guide. Seek a study that leaves you with a sense of anticipation for the wonderful things God will teach your group as you gather around his Word.

Adapted from SmallGroups.com. To read the original article and for reprint information, click here.

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