Who Is the Holy Spirit?

We talk a lot about the Father and Son, but often fail to note the Spirit’s presence.
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The Holy Spirit Is Both There and Here

Immanence is a doctrine much like a Russian nesting doll—containing truths inside it shaped like itself, compounding the mystery. Truths responding to deep questions: To what degree does God’s presence equal his influence? How do we reconcile that everywhere kind of divine presence with the overwhelming ubiquity of evil and suffering? Is God as present with the moss and crested jaybirds as he is with me?

Let me leave it at this: ever since I began to glimpse his immanence in my own life, it has haunted me. I have learned to see God flutter where I least expected him, to humble myself before his rich and fulsome presence. The Holy Ghost has haunted me, ever present, moving invisibly and well.

Where is God? There. Completely there. And here. Completely.


Paul J. Pastor live in Oregon and is author of The Face of the Deep: Exploring the Mysterious Person of the Holy Spirit. This article is adapted from one that first appeared in Christianity Today.

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