Crash Course on the Bible

Crash Course on the Bible

Discover God's plan of redemption, from creation to Christ, and finally to our role in the story.
6 Session Bible Study

More Bibles are sold than any other book, yet few understand this bestseller. Why do we need both an Old and New Testament? Who are the main characters in the Bible and what significance do they have? Can anybody who isn't a Bible scholar really understand this complex book? The good news is we can. Use this six-session course to help unlock the Bible.

Session One

Adam & Eve
Adam and Eve demonstrate the beginning of God's relationship with mankind.
Genesis 1:26–31; 3:1–24

In the beginning God created a perfect community, beginning with Adam and Eve.Then Adam and Eve sinned and distorted God's perfect creation, sending God on a mission to restore this fallen community back to perfection.

Session Two

Abraham & Sarah
God began to restore his community by calling Abram and his wife Sarai (later renamed Abraham and Sarah) to follow him by faith.
Genesis 12:1–4; 15:1–6; 16:1–2; 17:1–8; Philippians 4:6–7

Through faith, Abraham worshiped and served an unknown God. God promised Abraham that his descendants would be God's people for all time, thus promising to restore that broken fellowship created with Adam and Eve.

Session Three

God called Moses to lead his people out of slavery to the Egyptians.
Exodus 19:3–8; 20:8; Galatians 3:19–25; 1 Peter 2:9–10

Abraham's great-grandson rose to a high position in Egypt. However, 400 years later, the Israelites had become an enslaved people. God used Moses to free his people from slavery in Egypt.

Session Four

God called David as Israel's king because he was a man after God's own heart.
1 Samuel 17:20–24, 32–37; 2 Samuel 7:11b–16; 12:7–14

Four hundred years after Moses, God used David to carry on his mission to restore fellowship and community with him. God promised David that he would establish his throne forever. Christ fulfilled that promise.

Session Five

Jesus Christ fulfills all of God's promises.
John 6:34–43; 1 Corinthians 15:50–58

Jesus Christ fulfilled God's promises to Abraham, Moses, his chosen people, and David. God himself, in the man Jesus Christ, came to make perfect community possible through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

Session Six

We are the hands of God, the recipients of eternal life, and the restored community waiting to be revealed at Christ's return.
Matthew 9:35–38; 16:24–27; Luke 14:15–23

Two thousand years have passed since Christ came to Earth, and his church continues to grow throughout the world. The mission that God started with Adam and Eve continues with us today.

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