Old Testament Bible Studies
The Gospel in GenesisThe Gospel in Genesis
Discover God's love and desire for relationship from the very beginning.
6 Session Bible Study
1 and 2 Chronicles: Live the Life God Intended1 and 2 Chronicles: Live the Life God Intended
Discover how to live life to the full.
6 Session Bible Study
Psalms: Prayers of the HeartPsalms: Prayers of the Heart
Pour out your heart to God.
12 Session Bible Study
The Minor Prophets: God Still SpeaksThe Minor Prophets: God Still Speaks
Lead your group in experiencing God's sovereignty, holiness, and love.
12 Session Bible Study
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Living In Between
3 Session Bible Study

The Book of Deuteronomy deals with hardship, testing, and doubt, but also with promise, hope, and trust. It reminds us that faith is not automatic or mechanical. Faith becomes personal ...

Job: God Is in Charge
9 Session Bible Study

Job is not only the direct word of God but also a great literary masterpiece. Poet Alfred Tennyson called Job, "the greatest poem of ancient or modern times." British author ...

The Gospel in Genesis
6 Session Bible Study

Our world is broken. This is clear from the pages of the Bible, the wars between nations, and the grief of our own hearts. The book of Genesis reveals an intimate and faithful God, ...

Ecclesiastes: The Detour Signs of Life
4 Session Bible Study

If the deep and perplexing issues of life intrigue you, take a look at Ecclesiastes—but be prepared for a few surprises. On the surface, Ecclesiastes seems to challenge essential ...

Psalms: Managing Our Emotions
12 Session Bible Study

Emotions are both complicated and complex, both mysterious and mystifying. Even the experts are not sure what causes us to experience emotions. Both social science and neurobiology ...

Song of Songs: Love in the City
4 Session Bible Study

With so many messages coming at us from society, we have questions about sex before marriage, sex in marriage, dating, courtship, homosexuality, pornography, and loneliness. God tells ...

Genesis: Promised Land Living
4 Session Bible Study

The purpose of this course is to help us learn how to follow God wherever he leads. A major theme of Genesis is God calling Abram to a land he would show him. Along with that land, ...

The Elijah Chronicles
3 Session Bible Study

Elijah demonstrates both courage and fear in the book of 1 Kings. We see him boldly tell the evil king Ahab, "There will be no rain or dew until God says so." Elijah trusts ...

1 Samuel: Putting God First (7 session study)
7 Session Bible Study

The Book of 1 Samuel is full of colorful characters. In its pages you will meet Hannah, Samuel, Saul, and David. As you experience their tragedies and triumphs, their emotional ...

Proverbs: A House of Wisdom
5 Session Bible Study

The Book of Proverbs is a handbook for experiencing shalom, the blessing of God. While we are not guaranteed health, wealth, safety, and harmony, our lives will be better if we live ...

Psalms: Assurance of God's Goodness
7 Session Bible Study

This seven-session series on the Book of Psalms reassures us that God is always good, no matter what is happening in our lives. It also points out that God wants to be our Father, ...

Haggai: Being a Pillar in God's House
5 Session Bible Study

The Book of Haggai is about how God's prophet stirs up the Israelites to get back to work on the rebuilding of the temple. There is an analogy between temple building and the ...

Joshua: The Journey of a Faith Walker
8 Session Bible Study

After wandering for 40 years in the desert, Joshua had reason to be apprehensive about entering the Promised Land. But God commanded him to be strong and courageous, and the Book of ...

Nehemiah: Combining Faith with Action
5 Session Bible Study

When Nehemiah found out the devastating news that his Jerusalem home was burned and crumbling, he immediately began to fast and pray. And what a prayer! He knew who he was putting ...

1 & 2 Chronicles: Passion and Prayer
6 Session Bible Study

How can we develop a passionate love for God? The Books of 1 & 2 Chronicles may seem like an unlikely place for the answer, but a close look at these two books unveils a wealth ...

41 – 55 of 55 Studies
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