Disagreeing with a Purpose

Disagreeing with a Purpose

When true believers gather, agreement on social issues remains elusive.
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Let's face itChristians don't get a lot of respect in our society. A distinctly Christian viewpoint is missing from many important discussions. Admittedly, Christians don't have all the right answers. But why can't we find a unified voice on important social issues? And how can we show the world that our views are worth listening to?

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 133:1; Acts 15:3641; Romans 15:56; 1 Corinthians 1:1013, 17; Galatians 3:28; Philippians 1:27; 2 Timothy 2:23; Titus 3:9


• The Issue

Sample questions:

What doctrines have Christians disagreed on through the ages?

How do we apply the Bible to a constantly changing world?

• The Scriptures

Sample Scriptures:

Philippians 1:27: What happens to the importance of controversial issues when placed beside the gospel of Christ? Does this mean we are to avoid controversy? How is the gospel helped by openly discussing differences?

Paul and Barnabas were certainly not exempt from disagreement. Read about their argument in Acts 15:3641.

• The Application

Sample application questions:

Think about controversial issues that have come up in your class in the past. Would your class have been "salt and light in our society,"?

Does a spirit of unity and fellowship pervade your class, even during times of disagreement? How can you encourage this spirit?


Problems Inerrancy Doesn't Solve, by Kenneth S. Kantzer (February 1987, 8 printed pages)

Total number of pages – 8

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