Essentials in Knowing God

Essentials in Knowing God

Deepen your relationship with God by focusing on him and discovering what he is like.
10 Session Bible Study

Deepen your relationship with God by focusing on him and discovering what he is like. This study will also teach you how to repent, find forgiveness, and get rid of guilt. Finally, it will help you fill your prayer life with joy and beauty.

Week 1

Spirituality for Today

Modern spirituality begins and ends with the self; Christian spirituality, with the Alpha and Omega.

Week 2

Knowing God Through His Names

What God invites us to call him says volumes about his relationship to us.

Week 3

How Should We Address God?

What we call God reflects who we believe him to be.

Week 4

A Better Look at God's Face

The Holy Ghost helps us connect the dots and outline of the face of God eternal, smiling.

Week 5

How to Repent

We've come to think our faith is about comfort. It's not.

Week 6

The Freedom of Forgiveness

How do you know that you have truly forgiven someone?

Week 7

Letting Go of Guilt

In this study we'll ask, "If God forgets our sins, why can't we? Or should we?"

Week 8

Expectant Prayer

What should we expect from prayer, and what are our responsibilities?

Week 9

The Source of All Beauty

Evangelical Christians value truth and goodness—the truth about God, creation, sin, salvation, and loving our neighbor as ourselves. But we don't pay as much attention to beauty, the third element of the classic triad of virtue. Why not?

Week 10

It's All About Joy!

How to find joy—and keep it!

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