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When opening a file that I downloaded, what should I do if I get the message, "Unable to open file"?

Some of our documents are PDF format documents, and should work in most PDF viewer programs. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freely available here.

Some of our documents are Word or Powerpoint documents, designed to be used in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Word / Powerpoint version 2007 or newer is recommended, although version 2003 should work if the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack is installed. Our Word or Powerpoint documents are not guaranteed to work with other word processing software (such as Microsoft Works or OpenOffice).

If you are using the recommended program to open the document and you still get the error, the document may be incomplete or have become corrupted during the download process. Send an e-mail to, and please include the word processing software you are using, the version of that software, and the document name you are having problems with.

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