Letting Go of Guilt

Letting Go of Guilt

The early warning signs.
Single Session Bible Study


Some people struggle with guilt; others have simply learned to live with it. Philip Yancey says there's a better way for believers to handle guilt. It can even work for us as we seek to grow in Christ's likeness.

In this study we'll ask, "If God forgets our sins, why can't we?”

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SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 10:1-3, 10, 14, 15-22; 1 Timothy 1:15-20; 1 John 1:6-9; Jeremiah 31:31-34; Psalm 51:10, 12, 16-17


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Why do we feel guilty?

Teaching point two: Does God really forget our sins?

Teaching point three: If God forgets our sins, why should we remember them?

• Apply Your Findings


Guilt Good and Bad, by Philip Yancey (November 18, 2002, p. 112)

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