Live a Revolutionary Life

Live a Revolutionary Life

This five-session course challenges people like you and me to join Jesus' revolutionary mission.
5 Session Bible Study

A revolution invites a complete change in life. In the opening section of the letter to the Romans, Paul writes about having a transformed mind, which yields a transformed life. A transformed life is a radically different life, driven by different forces, motives, and hopes. Christ lives inside the believer and causes a fundamentally noticeable inner and outer transformation. Christ followers have been leading revolutionized lives from the time of Jesus onward. This five-session course challenges people like you and me to join Jesus' revolutionary mission. Note: This course was developed with Community Christian Church and New Thing Network.

Session One

The Ancient Revolutionary
The revolutionary understanding that Jesus is God in the flesh transforms our lives.
Exodus 3:13–14; Leviticus 24:16; Matthew 16:13–16; John 8:51–59

This study will challenge you to let God do whatever he wants to in your lives, and to understand Christ-following as a life-consuming, life-altering, world-changing, revolutionary thing.

Session Two

The Consuming Revolutionary
Being a Christ follower is meant to be an all-consuming relationship.
Luke 14:25–35; Romans 12:1–31; Corinthians 10:31; Colossians 3:17, 23

This study will ask you if Jesus is just one rung on the ladder of priorities, or if he consumes your every thought and action.

Session Three

The Relational Revolutionary
Christ causes a relational revolution among his followers.
Matthew 22:35–40, 25:37–40; Luke 10:25–37

This study will look at our relationship with Christ horizontally, as well as vertically.

Session Four

The Unstoppable Revolutionary
Jesus has chosen to be unstoppable through his church.
Matthew 16:13–20; 2 Corinthians 5:17–20

This study shows that the way Jesus has chosen to be unstoppable in this world is through his body, the church.

Session Five

The Revolutionary Within
Jesus, the revolutionary, lives within his followers and wants to revolutionize us.
Luke 11:23; John 1:1–5; Ephesians 1:3–23

This study calls you to an all-out commitment to Christ.

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