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1 John: Test of Faith
How can I be assured that I'm living a life pleasing to God?
9 Session Bible Study
Bible Translation
This 3-week course discusses important and oft-debated Bible translation questions.
3 Session Bible Study
Contemporary Christian Issues
Learn how to respond biblically to important issues facing our culture today.
13 Session Bible Study
How We Got Our Bible
Discuss key questions Christians have faced over two millennia - and provide answers for those questions for today.
6 Session Bible Study
The Big Story of the Bible
Explore the mission that God started after Adam and Eve, perfected in Christ, and continues with us today.
6 Session Bible Study
Why Should I Believe the Bible?
Answer your questions about the accuracy of the Bible.
3 Session Bible Study
Theology 101
Gain a biblical understanding of key Christian doctrines from today's leading sources.
6 Session Bible Study
How to Study the Bible
A congregational tool.
Top Ten Downloads of 2003
What people liked most at
Hide It in Your Heart
Five ways to keep the Bible in mind.
Best-Selling Bible Studies of 2004
What caught your interest.
Top 10 Bible Studies of 2004
What people liked most at
God's Word for 'Up and Outers'
Dallas businessman Garry Kinder's Bent Tree Bible Study isn't a church, but it's no social club either.
Reaching the Disconnected Male
Looking back, Larry Kay says his life was "full of confusion, full of lust and pain, and almost completely void of God."
Teaching a Church to Pray
How to have a vital prayer ministry.
The Evangelistic Bible Study: Making It Work
Consider this effective means of evangelism.
Overview of the Bible
A summary of what's in the greatest book of all time.
Opening the Bible for Seekers
Discussion Bible studies are powerful agents of change.
Top Ten Downloads of 2006
We've compiled a list of your favorites from this year.
7 Ways to Begin a Buzz About Bible Study
Use these ideas to interest others in studying the Bible.
1 – 20 of 86 Matches
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