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1 Thessalonians: Sharing the Faith
Study Paul's life and advice to help overcome fears about sharing your faith.
4 Session Bible Study
Faith in the Workplace
Build the confidence to share your faith and hope at work.
10 Session Bible Study
Luke: Bring Jesus to Your World
We have the privilege of bringing the good news of salvation to many who have not heard.
4 Session Bible Study
Missional Evangelism
How do we share the gospel where we live?
6 Session Bible Study
Stott on Reaching Out
John Stott challenges us in this four-session course to reach out to others.
4 Session Bible Study
Understanding Islam: Engaging and Loving Our Neighbors
This study will help you better understand Islam, address myths you may hold, and help you take steps to engage and love Muslims.
6 Session Bible Study
Being the Church
Learn God's heart for the church and your place within it.
12 Session Bible Study
Is Our Gospel Too Small?
Authentic ways of believing, sharing, and living a rich gospel message.
6 Session Bible Study
What Is the Gospel?
How would you answer if someone asked you that question?
My Post-Evangelism Friendship
So, that person you were witnessing to actually got saved. Now what?
4 Approaches to Congregational Outreach
Effective church evangelism is a group effort.
Ask Before You Answer
How to talk to skeptics, unbelievers, and mule-headed friends and family about God.
Evangelism: Plant, Watch, Wait
Personal evangelism is usually a slow, but vital, process.
What Are They Really Asking?
How to answer spiritual questions.
20 Questions to Help You Share Your Faith
Transitions you can use to turn a conversation to spiritual things.
Let Your Light Shine
Christians who do not have changed lives have a credibility gap.
The Lost: They're Watching Us
What we do and say affects non-Christians more than we know.
God Does Not Count Our Converts
He examines our faithfulness, and rewards our labors. The results are in His hands, not ours.
Extreme Jesus
What's wrong with The Da Vinci Code Jesus?
5 Big Questions from The Da Vinci Code
A brief guide.
1 – 20 of 58 Matches
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