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John Piper on the Nature of God
Understanding the essence of God helps us to interact with and bring glory to him.
5 Session Bible Study
Psalms: Assurance of God's Goodness
God is always good, no matter what is happening in our lives.
7 Session Bible Study
The Secret of Walking with God
From the beginning, God has wanted a walking partner.
Discuss important questions surrounding worship styles and practices.
5 Session Bible Study
Seeing Christ in the Old Testament Offerings
Explore the meaning behind the sacrifices with this five session course.
5 Session Bible Study
Francis Chan: Sold Out to Jesus
The surpassing greatness of Christ is worth our everything.
Slow Down
We need to awaken the quieter virtues to be all Christ wants us to be.
Nearer My God to Thee
The third stage of life removes us from our grip on earthly attachments, moving us into a deeper friendship with God.
Single Session Bible Study
Spirituality For Today
Modern spirituality begins and ends with the self; Christian spirituality, with the Alpha and Omega.
Single Session Bible Study
Knowing God Through His Names
What God invites us to call him says volumes about his relationship to us.
Single Session Bible Study
Expectant Prayer
What should we expect from prayer, and what are our responsibilities?
Single Session Bible Study
Encounters with the Risen Lord
Jesus encounters individuals in unique ways that will allow them to recognize him as the risen Lord.
Single Session Bible Study
God of Power, God of Love
God demonstrates his power in strength and in weakness.
Single Session Bible Study
The Folly of Prayer
What is prayer, really?
8 Session Bible Study
Seeing God in Everyday Life
Genuine reality, like a live orchestra, cannot be reduced to mere bits of data.
Single Session Bible Study
Make God Real to Your Children
Use everyday examples to teach your child about God’s love, creation, knowledge, and presence.
Single Session Bible Study
Enjoy the Silence
Unplug to experience God's presence.
Single Session Bible Study
Wrestling God
Jacob: The man who was hard to bless.
Single Session Bible Study
Evan Almighty
What does trust really look like?
Single Session Bible Study
1 – 20 of 25 Matches
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