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Dual Citizenship: A Christian Perspective on Government
What does it mean to be a Christian and have earthly citizenship?
10 Session Bible Study
Kingdom Living in Our Culture
Use this 13-session course to take a deeper look at God in our culture.
13 Session Bible Study
Have fun discovering the spiritual aspects of these entertaining movies.
3 Session Bible Study
Finding Redemption
What can we learn from people who are down and out and find a way to bring themselves, or have someone deliver them, back to glory?
5 Session Bible Study
Learning from Heroes
What makes superheroes super?
4 Session Bible Study
Nehemiah: Combining Faith with Action
This five-session study will show us how to pray, work, battle injustice, and worship a great and mighty God.
5 Session Bible Study
Our Powerful Helper
God provides comfort when you need it most, and the power to persevere.
6 Session Bible Study
Nehemiah: Learning Leadership
Help your group balance spirituality with down-to-earth action.
4 Session Bible Study
Christians and Social Justice
Exploring biblical perspectives on poverty and sex trafficking
Justice:Restoration or Retribution
What biblical principles can guide us in dealing with those who break the law?
Single Session Bible Study
The Severe Mercy of God
What happens to a person who truly receives the mercy of God?
Single Session Bible Study
A Christian View of the Death Penalty
Christians need to think through this life-and-death issue.
Single Session Bible Study
Christian Virtues
9 Session Bible Study
Robin Hood
Labeled an outlaw by “divinely appointed” King John, the legendary archer must work outside the law to fight for what’s right and defend the oppressed.
Single Session Bible Study
Bruce Almighty
A comedy that illustrates the power, presence, and goodness of God.
Single Session Bible Study
Batman Begins
A hero in the making.
Single Session Bible Study
This epic film set in the second-century Roman Empire follows a general’s fall from power and subsequent struggle for revenge against a treacherous Caesar.
Single Session Bible Study
Les Misérables
Les Misérables follows the life of one man in pre-revolutionary France as he struggles to be free of his past—and transforms many lives through the power of grace.
Single Session Bible Study
A drama depicting a community’s true-to-life struggle with racism, alienation, and rage.
Single Session Bible Study
1 – 20 of 23 Matches
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