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1 John: Test of Faith
How can I be assured that I'm living a life pleasing to God?
9 Session Bible Study
Acts: How to Have an Eternal Impact
Discover the ways in which you can have an eternal impact on others and the world.
5 Session Bible Study
Essentials in Knowing God
Deepen your relationship with God by focusing on him and discovering what he is like.
10 Session Bible Study
Jill Briscoe on Christian Foundations
Why God made us, how he forgives us, and how he enables us to handle difficulties and to love others.
4 Session Bible Study
John Piper on the Nature of God
Understanding the essence of God helps us to interact with and bring glory to him.
5 Session Bible Study
God: The Great I Am
Nothing is more important to our faith than knowing who God is.
6 Session Bible Study
Psalms: Assurance of God's Goodness
God is always good, no matter what is happening in our lives.
7 Session Bible Study
Jack Hayford on the Goodness of God
No matter where we are or what we've done, Jesus' work on the cross is able to cover and restore us.
3 Session Bible Study
Bill Hybels on the God You're Seeking
Bill Hybels helps to bring you closer to the God who protects, listens, understands, and saves.
5 Session Bible Study
Gordon MacDonald on Our Spiritual Journey
Gordon MacDonald helps you define and map out the road you're on.
4 Session Bible Study
Who Is God?
Learn scriptural truths about God's nature and character for your daily life.
12 Session Bible Study
The Secret of Walking with God
From the beginning, God has wanted a walking partner.
1 Kings: The Kingdom of God
Explore what it means to have God as the ruler of our lives.
6 Session Bible Study
Christ: The Center of the Gospel
An intriguing study based on five articles from Christianity Today
5 Session Bible Study
Exodus: A Glimpse of God
This course will help you learn how God can perfectly love imperfect people.
12 Session Bible Study
Mark: Seeing and Obeying Christ
Study the real Jesus and choose to follow him wholeheartedly.
4 Session Bible Study
Spirituality For Today
Modern spirituality begins and ends with the self; Christian spirituality, with the Alpha and Omega.
Single Session Bible Study
Knowing God's Will
Knowing God’s will is a process.
Single Session Bible Study
God of Power, God of Love
God demonstrates his power in strength and in weakness.
Single Session Bible Study
1 – 20 of 23 Matches
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