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Perspectives on Suffering
This four-session course investigates how we can remain faithful in suffering by God's grace.
4 Session Bible Study
Overcoming Fear
Just because we all experience fear doesn't mean we have to live with it.
5 Session Bible Study
2 Corinthians: Hard Knocks, Unbreakable Faith
Learn a perspective on hardship and suffering that is needed in today's world.
4 Session Bible Study
Finding God in Our Pain
How do we make sense of our suffering?
Single Session Bible Study
Honest Anger
Being honest with God is the first step toward resolving our anger.
Single Session Bible Study
The Severe Mercy of God
What happens to a person who truly receives the mercy of God?
Single Session Bible Study
Trusting God When It Hurts
Learning from Job.
Single Session Bible Study
Turning to God in Our Pain
When we go to God in our suffering, it reveals that we are indeed his children.
Single Session Bible Study
Finding Freedom in Our Difficulties
How do we maintain hope during desperate circumstances?
Single Session Bible Study
Caring for Adult Children of Alcoholics
Churches can help adult children of alcoholics find healing.
Single Session Bible Study
When a Daughter Dies
Walking the way of grace in the midst of our grief
9 Session Bible Study
My Sister's Keeper
Through a heartbreaking portrayal of a teenager’s lifelong battle with leukemia and its effects on her family, My Sister’s Keeper explores human responses to suffering and death.
Single Session Bible Study
This thriller depicts one man’s journey as he questions his faith and the providence of God.
Single Session Bible Study
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
An unusual and mind-bending romance about love, memory, and attraction.
Single Session Bible Study
What Is Fear?
This Bible study helps us define this universal emotion.
Single Session Bible Study
Fear's Close Associates
Anxiety, discouragement, worry, and panic can result from fear.
Single Session Bible Study
Get Rid of Fear
We don’t have to let fear rule us.
Single Session Bible Study
How God Can Redeem the Darkness
What I learned about seeing myself as God sees me.
Finding the Providence in the Pain
What we learn when we realize God doesn’t always protect us from hardships.
Standing on Holy Ground
Is God going to be enough for my hurt?
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