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Church History: The Early Church and Middle Ages
Help your group explore the key questions Christians have faced over two millennia.
7 Session Bible Study
The Early Church
Discuss key questions Christians have faced over two millennia - and provide answers for those questions for today.
6 Session Bible Study
The Truth About God: Ten Commandments
View the Ten Commandments as self-revelations from God, and how he wants our lives to change by knowing him.
10 Session Bible Study
Dealing with Difficult People
Four sessions of activity-based learning help you extend grace to others.
4 Session Bible Study
Is Our Gospel Too Small?
Authentic ways of believing, sharing, and living a rich gospel message.
6 Session Bible Study
Defining Our Role in Politics
How should Christians view their relationship with the state?
Single Session Bible Study
Listening to God in Scripture
Avoid these common errors in studying God’s Word.
Single Session Bible Study
Pulling the Plug
When is it okay to let go of the terminally ill?
Single Session Bible Study
Faith Meets Reality
How can Christians allow their faith to permeate the whole world?
Single Session Bible Study
The Search for the Historical Adam
Did Adam and Eve really exist? Here’s why it matters.
Single Session Bible Study
Loving Muslims One at a Time
Reaching out is easier, and more effective, than you may think.
Single Session Bible Study
Missional Commuting
Forging the way between accommodation and irrelevance in communicating the gospel message.
Single Session Bible Study
The Gospel, a Napkin, and Four Circles
Examine a new way of expressing the gospel especially designed to explain God’s “Big Story” with diagrams simple enough to be drawn on a napkin at a coffee shop.
Single Session Bible Study
1 – 13 of 13 Matches
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