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Acts: How to Have an Eternal Impact
Discover the ways in which you can have an eternal impact on others and the world.
5 Session Bible Study
Acts: Learning from the Apostles
How to tap into the power of the Spirit
5 Session Bible Study
Getting Along with People Course
Relationships can be complicated. But we can't live our lives alone; we must get along with others.
5 Session Bible Study
Keys to Biblical Relationships
This 3-session study points out that true fulfillment lies not in individualism but in sharing life with others.
3 Session Bible Study
Kingdom Living in Our Culture
Use this 13-session course to take a deeper look at God in our culture.
13 Session Bible Study
Church History: The Early Church and Middle Ages
Help your group explore the key questions Christians have faced over two millennia.
7 Session Bible Study
Being the Church
Learn God's heart for the church and your place within it.
12 Session Bible Study
Church Unity Myths
We should question some refrains of unity in diversity.
Single Session Bible Study
5 Principles of a Purpose-Driven Church
Rick Warren's genius is in helping pastors see the obvious.
Single Session Bible Study
Defining Our Role in Politics
How should Christians view their relationship with the state?
Single Session Bible Study
Authentic Fellowship
How is the church called to be different from the local social club?
Single Session Bible Study
Multiracial Congregations
Let’s overlook our racial barriers and be the unified church God has called us to be.
Single Session Bible Study
The Kingdom and Our Culture
How can Christians live for eternity without ignoring the present?
Single Session Bible Study
Patriotism and God
In recent years patriotism has gotten a bad rap.
Single Session Bible Study
Seeing God in Everyday Life
Genuine reality, like a live orchestra, cannot be reduced to mere bits of data.
Single Session Bible Study
What on Earth Happens After Christ's Second Coming?
Timeless truths behind the debates over Christ’s return.
Single Session Bible Study
Strengthen the Family
What can churches do to help the family?
Single Session Bible Study
A Biblical Perspective on Money
Confronting the challenge of stewardship.
Single Session Bible Study
Model Self-Confidence for Your Kids
Move your children from being self-focused to being God-focused.
Single Session Bible Study
Model Compassion
Grow children who reach out to people in need.
Single Session Bible Study
1 – 20 of 28 Matches
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