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Art and Literature
This 13-session course was designed to help you think about art and literature from a Christian perspective.
13 Session Bible Study
Impacting Culture
This study will help you and your group members determine how to relate to culture.
7 Session Bible Study
8 Big Questions of Faith
Work through these common questions as a group.
8 Session Bible Study
Dual Citizenship: A Christian Perspective on Government
What does it mean to be a Christian and have earthly citizenship?
10 Session Bible Study
Is Hollywood Discipling You?
This study will help you and your group members think about questions regarding faith and the arts.
6 Session Bible Study
Stott on Reaching Out
John Stott challenges us in this four-session course to reach out to others.
4 Session Bible Study
The Beatitudes: Happiness Is a Serious Business
Investigate the joy that can be found in knowing God and living his way.
9 Session Bible Study
How Should a Christian View War?
Making sense of a difficult question
3 Session Bible Study
Charles Colson on Social Responsibility
Charles Colson explores topics including the dignity of human life, same-sex marriage, the lottery, stem-cell research, animal rights, and corporate integrity.
9 Session Bible Study
The Gospel of Matthew
Walk your group through Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and teachings.
16 Session Bible Study
Culture: Love It, Leave It, or Transform It
Richard Niebuhr's Christ and Culture is 50 years old—and still has something wise to say to evangelicals.
Single Session Bible Study
Defining Our Role in Politics
How should Christians view their relationship with the state?
Single Session Bible Study
Caring for Our Community
Why we should give back to the places that help shape us.
Single Session Bible Study
Citizens in Civil Society
How can we labor for God’s kingdom during our time here on earth?
Single Session Bible Study
Attacking Pornography
Must a moral society tolerate the burgeoning market for perversion?
Single Session Bible Study
Is 9 to 5 Your Identity?
Too often, Christians define themselves by their jobs instead of by their lives in Christ.
Single Session Bible Study
Living Your Faith
Christian actions flow from Christian character.
Single Session Bible Study
Following God's Lead in Missions
As God moves through space and time, we need to be ready to go with his flow.
Single Session Bible Study
Lessons in Hospitality and Humility
We can learn by being guests of another culture.
Single Session Bible Study
Counterculturally Relevant
A new way of thinking about how Christians can influence culture.
Single Session Bible Study
1 – 20 of 22 Matches
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