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Best Picture Winners
What can we learn about God from these amazing stories told with breath-taking cinema?
5 Session Bible Study
8 Big Questions of Faith
Work through these common questions as a group.
8 Session Bible Study
Finding Joy in the Difficulty of Marriage
This six-session study can help you find joy in a difficult marriage.
6 Session Bible Study
Men of Integrity: Living with Integrity
Encouragement for men to live a life of integrity.
6 Session Bible Study
Money Matters 101
To be truly free from the power of money, we must surrender it to God.
12 Session Bible Study
How Should a Christian View War?
Making sense of a difficult question
3 Session Bible Study
Charles Colson on Social Responsibility
Charles Colson explores topics including the dignity of human life, same-sex marriage, the lottery, stem-cell research, animal rights, and corporate integrity.
9 Session Bible Study
The Gospel of Matthew
Walk your group through Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and teachings.
16 Session Bible Study
Living in an Age of Terroism
What we can learn from Oswald Chambers and C. S. Lewis about the long battle with terrorism.
Single Session Bible Study
The Beginning: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
A young boy finds his purpose and begins to realize the value of standing for good—and against evil—in the first book of the Harry Potter series.
Single Session Bible Study
Is the Lottery Harmless Fun?
We pay a price for gambling.
Single Session Bible Study
Adopted into God's Family
How God becomes our Father.
Single Session Bible Study
Are We Happy Yet?
True happiness comes from contentment.
Single Session Bible Study
Downward Mobility
Reconsidering our view of economic status.
Single Session Bible Study
Hope in a Climate of Fear
There are plenty of reasons to worry in our bleak world. How could Jesus expect us not to?
Single Session Bible Study
Seeking God Together
Turn to God as a couple.
Single Session Bible Study
Realistic Marriage
Expectations can make or break a marriage.
Single Session Bible Study
Simple Living
Are we consumed by consumption?
Single Session Bible Study
Fear's Close Associates
Anxiety, discouragement, worry, and panic can result from fear.
Single Session Bible Study
Little Blessings
Although parenting alone is a challenge, there is no greater blessing than having children.
Single Session Bible Study
1 – 20 of 20 Matches
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