The Bond of Friendship

The Bond of Friendship

In our modern day of mobility and instant gratification, what might lifelong dedication to a friend mean?
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Many of us long for deep friendship. Perhaps you haven't admitted it, even to yourself, but the desire for someone other than your spouse to share the joys and sorrows of life looms front and center in most of us. As the article says, we all hope for friendships that say not, "You're mine because I love you," but say, "I love you because you're mine." This commitment implies that even when my enjoyment of the friendship wanes, I will still be there and refuse to walk away. In this study we will look at the scriptural evidences that support such friendship.

Table of Contents

Scripture: 1 Samuel 20; Ruth 1:1-18; Acts 16:16-40

Leader's Guide

Identify the Current Issue

Discover the Eternal Principles

- Teaching point one: Friendship can be a stronger bond than family and should be self-sacrificial.

- Teaching point two: Friendship can form intergenerationally.

- Teaching point three: Friendship is often formed as we do ministry and face hardship together.

Apply Your Findings

Based on: "'Til Death Do Us Part," Christianity Today, September 2014

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