The Cross

The Cross

The centrality of the Cross is essential to Christianity.
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Contrary to the popular adage, when it comes to the gospel of Christ, it is just as blessed to receive as to give. We are saved by accepting God's free gift of salvation through Jesus' death on the cross. But often we forget about the Cross in our efforts to communicate the love of God and Christian values.

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SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:13–15; Psalm 107:10–12, 17–18; Matthew 24:3–12; Isaiah 59:1–2; 1 John 4:7–10; John 1:1–5, 14; Philippians 2:5–8


• The Issue

Sample questions:

Why is the Cross the focal point of Christianity?

Why do we tend to focus more on Christ's teachings about love and brotherhood and ignore the pain and death he suffered on the cross?

• The Scriptures

Sample Scriptures:

Corinthians 5:21: How can we become better Christians by studying Christ's example on the cross?

Romans 3:24–26: In what sense was Christ's death a ransom payment?

• The Application

Sample application point:

Read Matthew 27:11–26 and reflect silently on how the event applies to the Atonement and to your personal salvation.


More Than a Symbol, by Leon Morris (CHRISTIANITY TODAY, June 1987, 5 printed pages)

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