Unique Conformity: redefining and living authentic discipleship

Unique Conformity: redefining and living authentic discipleship

Embrace the unique person God created you to be.
Multi Session Bible Study

Authentic discipleship requires both becoming more like Jesus and embracing the unique way you've been made. This booklet will give you and your small group or church a clearer understanding of discipleship and challenge you to become more like Christ in the unique way you've been made--to discover your unique conformity.

Introduction: Finding Purpose

Part One:[re]Defining Discipleship
Exploring what discipleship really is and why it matters.

Part Two: The Upside-Down Kingdom
Following the way of Jesus is so different from the world it seems upside-down.

Part Three: Don't Rub It
Finding ways to stay constantly connected to Christ.

Part Four: Spirit Walking
Walk with the Spirit into deeper discipleship.

Part Five: Idol Smashing
Once we find our idols we can make the choice to destroy them with God's help.

Conclusion: It's a Start

Total number of pages - 59 pages

Produced by Unique Conformity, Inc., written by Trevor Lee
Check out the Unique Conformity Discipleship Experience and order print copies on the website here.

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