Why Should I Believe the Bible?

Why Should I Believe the Bible?

Answer your questions about the accuracy of the Bible.
3 Session Bible Study

How can we know whether our Bible is truly the Word of God? We've put together three sessions that help address this subject. This study will move you toward confidence in the Bible--that it's a book you can set your life by. Each session draws from the Bible and church history to defend the Scriptures and deepen our understanding of Christianity's sacred text. It also covers whether or not the gnostic gospels are reliable. You'll explore the Bible's inerrancy and truth.

Session 1

Are the Words of the Bible Really the Words of God?
Why you can still set your life by it.
This study will draw from the Bible and church history to equip group members to defend the Bible and deepen their own understanding of Christianity's sacred text.

Session 2

Are the Gnostic Gospels Reliable?
Many Christians are uncritically embracing Gnosticism.
Why did the early church reject the gnostic gospels, and what are the major doctrinal differences between the gnostic gospels and the biblical canon?

Session 3

Can I Trust My Bible?
Discussing inerrancy and truth in Scripture
How would you respond to someone who asks how you know the Bible is true? Clearly, you'd want an ironclad response. Use this guide to find a straightforward answer.

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