The following list provides pastor and layman with a bibliography of the best available books additional to the Bible for deepening the spiritual life. Not all these works are in the strict genre of devotional literature, and some were certainly not written with a devotional intent. But it is safe to say that all are capable of performing radical spiritual surgery on sensitive Christian hearts.

Several criteria have been employed in the selection of titles:

1. Excluded on principle are works of general religiosity (for example, books by K. Gibran), works of general mysticism (Jakob Boehme, Madame Guyon), works doctrinally objectionable (Fulton Sheen’s Life of Christ), works of a social-gospel cast (Sheldon’s In His Steps), works reflecting simply the peace-of-mind or positive-thinking mood (Peale, Blanton), and works of sweetness-and-light (Grace Livingston Hill).

2. Only in-print titles are included. Thus the reader should not expect such classics as Adolph Saphir’s The Lord’s Prayer, David McIntyre’s Prayer Life of Our Lord, or Isaac Watts’ The World to Come; it is hoped that publishing houses engaged in reprinting services will bring back these and other great devotional writings of the past.

3. Only works written in English or available in English translation are included. Many writings of Continental divines of the late sixteenth to early eighteenth century are therefore outside the scope of this list (English translations are badly needed of such works as Johann Gerhard’s Homiliae XXXVI seu meditationes breves diebus dominicis atque festis accomodatae).

4. No more than one entry is given for a single author. The list could have been extended almost indefinitely under such names as Oswald Chambers; it is assumed that readers will make such extensions for themselves.

5. The least expensive worthwhile editions have been chosen when multiple editions are in print, and paperbound editions are cited if available and textually reliable. American prices have been given in most instances; the shrewd book buyer may well be successful in paring down some prices even further by ordering directly from England. It should be of interest that the total cost of the one hundred titles is only $260—roughly the purchase price of an inexpensive television set. In view of the low cost, individual pastors and local churches might well consider seriously the merits of buying the entire collection—which can serve as a proper basis for a lifetime of solid devotional reading. Surely $260 is little enough to implement Dwight Moody’s axiom, “No one has ever led a person closer to Christ than he is himself.”

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My thanks to the Knox College Library, Toronto (Dr. Neil Smith, librarian); to the Moody Bible Institute Library, Chicago (Dr. Elgin S. Moyer, librarian) for access to a vast number of devotional writings from which this list has been in part prepared; also to the editorial staff of CHRISTIANITY TODAY and to Dr. William H. Wrighton, formerly professor of literature at the University of Georgia, for several helpful suggestions.—JOHN WARWICK MONTGOMERY, compiler.

ALLEINE, JOSEPH.An Alarm to Unconverted Sinners. Sovereign Grace Publishers, $2.

ALLEN, CHARLES L. All Things Are Possible through Prayer. Revell, $2.

ANDREWES, LANCELOT.Private Devotions. World, $1.75.

ARNDT, JOHANN.Devotions and Prayers (Selected and translated by John Joseph Stoudt). Baker, $1.50.

ARTHUR, WILLIAM.Tongue of Fire. Light and Life, $1.50.

ATHANASIUS.The Incarnation of the Word of God. Macmillan, $2.50.

AUDEN, W. H.Collected Poetry. Random House, $4.75. [Note especially “The Age of Anxiety”].

BAXTER, J. SIDLOW.Going Deeper. Zondervan, $2.95.

BAXTER, RICHARD.The Saint’s Everlasting Rest. Sovereign Grace Publishers, $2.

BONAR, HORATIUS.God’s Way of Holiness. Moody Press, $0.39.

BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH.Life Together. Harper, $2.

BOSTON, THOMAS.Human Nature in Its Fourfold State. Sovereign Grace Publishers, $4.95.

BOUNDS, E. M.Preacher and Prayer. Zondervan, $0.75.

BRAINERD, DAVID.Life and Diary (Edited by Jonathan Edwards). Moody Press, $0.89 [Condensed; unabridged edition out-of-print].

BROWNE, THOMAS.Religio Medici. Henry Regnery Co. [Gateway edition], $1.25.

BROWNING, ROBERT.Poetry and Prose (Edited by Humphrey S. Milford). Oxford University Press, $1.40.

BUNYAN, JOHN.The Pilgrim’s Progress. John C. Winston, $2.95 [This edition especially recommended because it identifies Scriptural quotations and allusions, and reproduces the Frederick Barnard illustrations; cf. C. S. Lewis’ The Pilgrim’s Progress].

CALVIN, JOHN.Thine Is My Heart (Compiled by John H. Kromminga). Zondervan, $3.95.

CHAMBERS, OSWALD.My Utmost for His Highest. Dodd, Mead, $3.

CHYTRAEUS, DAVID.On Sacrifice (Translated and edited by John Warwick Montgomery). Concordia, [Scheduled for publication in Lent, 1962.]

CLARKE, SAMUEL.Precious Bible Promises. Grosset & Dunlap, $1.50.

DOBERSTEIN, JOHN W.Minister’s Prayer Book. Muhlenberg Press, $3.75.

DOERFFLER, ALFRED, et al. The Devotional Bible. 2 vols. Concordia, $7.

DONNE, JOHN.Sermons. Meridian, $1.35 [The great, critical edition of Donne’s sermons is published by the University of California Press].

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DRUMMOND, HENRY.The Changed Life. Revell, $1.

DURBANVILLE, HENRY.Three Deadly Foes. B. McCall Barbour, 28 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh 1, Scotland, 5/– [$0.70].

EDMAN, V. RAYMOND.Storms and Starlight. Van Kampen Press, $2.50.

EDWARDS, JONATHAN.The History of Redemption. Kregel, $4.50 [Note also the modern, critical edition of Edwards’ works, now being published by Yale University Press].

ELIOT, T. S.Complete Poems and Plays, 1909–1950. Harcourt, $4.50.

ELLIOT, ELISABETH.Through Gates of Splendor. Harper, $3.75.

FLETCHER, LIONEL B.Life Quest and Conquest. Marshall, Morgan & Scott, London, England, 1/– [$0.14].

FULLER, THOMAS.The Holy State and the Profane State. 2 vols. Columbia University Press, $8.

GOCKEL, HERMAN W.What Jesus Means to Me. Concordia, $1.25.

GORDON, A. J.The Ministry of the Spirit. Zondervan, $2.

GORDON, S. D.Quiet Talks on Prayer. Grosset & Dunlap, $1.50.

GOUDGE, E.Reward of Faith. Coward, $2.75.

GRAHAM, BILLY.The Secret of Happiness. Doubleday, $2.

GRUBB, NORMAN.The Law of Faith. Christian Literature Crusade, $2.25.

GUINNESS, HOWARD W.Sacrifice. Inter-Varsity Press, $0.50.

GUTHRIE, MALCOLM.Learning to Live. Marshall, Morgan & Scott, London, England, 5/– [$0.70].

GUTHRIE, WILLIAM.The Christian’s Great Interest. Kregel, $2.95.

HAAKONSON, R. P.Family Altar Readings. Moody Press, $3.50.

HALLESBY, O.Under His Wings. Augsburg Publishing House, $2.

HENRY, MATTHEW.Quest for Communion with God. Eerdmans, $1.50.

HOFFMANN, OSWALD C. J.Life Crucified. Eerdmans, $2.50.

HOPKINS, EVAN H.The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life. Sunday School Times, $1.50.

IRONSIDE, HENRY A.Continual Burnt Offering. Loizeaux, $1.50.

KRUMMACHER, F. W.The Suffering Saviour. Moody Press, $4.

KUYPER, ABRAHAM.The Death and Resurrection of Christ. Zondervan, $2.50.

LAW, WILLIAM.A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life. Dutton (Everyman’s Library), $1.85.

LAWRENCE, BROTHER.The Practice of the Presence of God. Revell, $0.40.

LEWIS, C. S.The Narnia Chronicles. 7 vols. Bles, London, England; and Bodley Head, London, England, $8 [Cf. John Warwick Montgomery’s article, The Chronicles of Narnia,” in Religious Education, Sept.–Oct., 1959].

LUTHER, MARTIN.Day by Day We Magnify Thee. Muhlenberg Press, $3.50 [Note also the 55-vol. edition of Luther’s most important works which is now being issued by Concordia Publishing House and Muhlenberg Press].

M’CHEYNE, ROBERT MURRAY.Memoirs. (Edited by Andrew Bonar). 2 vols. Moody Press, $1.78.

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MACDONALD, GEORGE.An Anthology. (Edited by C. S. Lewis). Macmillan, $2.25.

MARSHALL, PETER.Prayers. McGraw-Hill, $3.95.

MAXWELL, L. E.Crowded to Christ. Erdmans, $3.

MEYER, F. B.Our Daily Walk. Zondervan, $3.50.

MILTON, JOHN.Paradise Lost (Edited by Northrop Frye). Rinehart, $0.95 [Cf. C. S. Lewis’ magnificent Preface to Paradise Lost].

MORGAN, G. CAMPBELL.The Life of the Christian. Revell, $1.25.

MORRIS, LEON.The Lord from Heaven. Eerdmans, $1.50.

MOULE, H. C. G.Charles Simeon. Inter-Varsity Press, $2.

MURRAY, ANDREW.God’s Best Secrets. Zondervan, $2.50.

NELSON, MARION H., M.D.Why Christians Crack Up. Moody Press, $2.50.

Oswald Chambers: His Life and Work (Second edition). Christian Literature Crusade, $3.75.

OWEN, JOHN.Temptation and Sin. Zondervan, $3.95.

OXENHAM, JOHN.Bees in Amber. Revell, $2.

PASCAL, BLAISE.The Pensées. Dutton (Everyman’s Library), $1.15.

PATON, ALAN.Cry, the Beloved Country. Scribner’s, $1.95.

PAXSON, RUTH.Life on the Highest Plane. Moody Press, $5.95.

PELIKAN, JAROSLAV.The Shape of Death: Life, Death, and Immortality in the Early Fathers. Abingdon, $2.25.

POLLOCK, J. C.The Cambridge Seven: A Call to Christian Service. Inter-Varsity Press, $1.

RAINSFORD, MARCUS.Our Lord Prays for His Own. Moody Press, $0.89 [condensed].

REDPATH, ALAN.Victorious Christian Living. Revell, $3.

RUTHERFORD, SAMUEL.Selected Letters. Allenson, $2.50.

RYLE, J. C.Holiness. Kregel, $3.95.

SANDERS, J. OSWALD.Christ Incomparable. Christian Literature Crusade, $3.

SAUER, ERICH.In the Arena of Faith. Eerdmans, $3.

SIMPSON, A. B.The Self Life and the Christ Life. Christian Publications, $1.75.

SMEATON, GEORGE.The Doctrine of the Atonement As Taught by Christ Himself. Zondervan, $5.95.

SPURGEON, CHARLES H.Morning and Evening. Zondervan, $3.95 [The unabridged edition].

STALKER, JAMES M.The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ. Zondervan, $2.

TAYLOR, DR. AND MRS. HOWARD.Hudson Taylor. 2 vols. Lutterworth Press, $9.50.

TAYLOR, J. HUDSON.Union and Communion. Moody Press, $0.39.

TAYLOR, JEREMY.The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living. World, $1.75.

TAYLOR, MRS. HOWARD.Bordon of Yale. Moody Press, $0.89.

Theologia Germanica. World, $1.75.

THOMAS, W. H. GRIFFITH.Grace and Power. Eerdmans, $2.

THOMAS à KEMPIS, supposed author. The Imitation of Christ. Pocket Books, $0.35 [Especially attractive edition because of the illustrations by Valenti Angelo].

THOMPSON, FRANCIS.The Hound of Heaven. Morehouse, $0.45.

THOMSON, JAMES G. S. S.The Praying Christ. Eerdmans, $3.

TOLKIEN, J. R. R.The Lord of the Rings. 3 vols. Houghton, $15. [Includes: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King].

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TORREY, R. A.The Power of Prayer. Zondervan, $2.50.

TOZER, A. W.The Divine Conquest. Christian Publications, $1.75.

WALTHER, CARL F. W.The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel. Concordia, $3.50.

WESLEY, JOHN.Devotions and Prayers (Compiled by Donald E. Demaray). Baker, $1.50.

WHYTE, ALEXANDER.Lord Teach Us To Pray. Harper, $2.25.

WILLIAMS, CHARLES.The Descent of the Dove. Meridian, $1.35 [Readers should also be reminded of his more difficult works—the supernatural novels, such as All Hallow’s Eve, and the poetical masterpieces, such as The Region of the Summer Stars].

WOOLMAN, JOHN.Journal. World, $1.75.

ZWEMER, SAMUEL.The Glory of the Cross. Zondervan, $0.75.

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