The background of all that we do, as individuals and groups, is a dramatic power struggle. This struggle dominates our epoch. It is the most stupendous power contention in international history. It is global in scope, but is centered in the policies and action of two nations, the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. These two giants, but recently sprung into prominence and lifted into commanding eminence among the great nations of the world, have left the rest far behind and are the principal factors in the war for the minds of men.

A Secular Vision

On the one side, we see a new secular religion, something novel in history, married to massive state power. The leaders of the U.S.S.R. and of world Communism are at once priests and technocrats. They are committed to the dream of a transformed world and they expect to accomplish this by superior technology.

In fact, Communism represents from a theological standpoint the disjunction of the traditional orders of creation and redemption. It says that there is no God, no Creator at all, and no settled order of creation. The idea of definite meets and bounds limiting the freedom of man is rejected out of hand. The past is indeed viewed as pure prologue, and the important thing is not what has been, but what will be.

In short, what is set forth as the essence of Communism is unlimited change for the better, presided over by men who are emancipated from the dead dogmas of the past and are enlightened with a new knowledge, the knowledge brought into the world by Marx and by Lenin.

The publications and actions of these two figures represent the two testaments, the two great stages of saving truth. Outside of them, beyond Marxism-Leninism there is no truth. There is only falsehood and illusion, which must ...

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